Welcome to the Polonia Restaurant and Banquet Hall. Celebrating more than forty years as part of Metro-Detroit's dining scene, we are proud to feature a full menu of traditional and gourmet Polish and Eastern European specialties. Our wall of art by Polish artists and other Polish artifacts on display create a cozy atmosphere similar to that of a Warsaw café. Our hearty cuisine and Polish hospitality offer a truly unique dining experience that you will not soon forget.

Polish culinary traditions date back hundreds of years. Poland, a land blessed with rich fields, has always been one of the region's main growers of potatoes, cabbage and beets. It is no wonder that these ingredients are a big part of its culinary heritage. Cabbage soup, stuffed cabbage, cabbage stew, sweet cabbage, potato dumplings, potato pancakes, potato and cheese pierogi and a number of beet soups have always held a prominent spot on the Polish menu.

But besides the peasant traditions, Polish nobility and land owners have created culinary traditions of their own. Wild game, juicy hams and roasts, duck, chicken or various pates were often part of the menu for special occasions, holidays and other celebrations. With local flavors representing various regions and customs, Polish cuisine has become famous world wide.

Poles immigrating to the United States have brought these culinary traditions with them to the new land and have passed them on from generation to generation. Not surprisingly most people are familiar with such favorites as pierogis (ravioli), golabki (stuffed cabbage), kilebasa (sausage) and our specialty, nalesniki (crepes). Whether these dishes bring back cherished memories from grandma's kitchen or you are new to Polish cuisine, Polonia's full menu is sure to please all.

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